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Length: 72 Minutes


At Festivals begining April 2018

Open's Theatrically December 2018















THE GREAT PRETENDER is a roundelay set in the off-off-Broadway world of New York theatre. Trying to exorcise her past, lovesick French director Mona comes to America to mount a play based on her last relationship: a tumultuous affair with hard living street photographer Nick. For the on-stage rendition of her real-life story, Mona casts seemingly naïve French actress Thérèse to play herself and bumbling Brooklynite Chris to play Nick. Mona develops feelings for Chris, Chris falls madly in love with Mona, while Thérèse falls in love with Chris. The film is told in five chapters, each centered around a different character, culminating in the production of the play.

Directed by 
Nathan Silver
Written by Jack Dunphy
Story by Nathan Silver and Jack Dunphy
Produced by Matt Grady, Danelle Eliav, Nathan Silver, Jack Dunphy, Pierce Varous and Jere B. Ford
Executive Produced by Aziz Isham, Kuye Youngblood and Diane Lanyi
Cinematography by Sean Price Williams
Music by Seth Kaplan

Cast: Maëlle POÉSY, Keith POULSON Esther GARREL Linas PHILLIPS, Craig muMs GRANT, Brigitte SY, Julian GRADY. Isabella JACKSON, Tashiana WASHINGTON, Carl KRANZ, C. Mason WELLS, Danelle ELIAV, Emilie Blythe MCDONALD, Bruce SMOLANOFF

Festivals: Tribeca Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival


"With this film, Nathan Silver has created one of modern American cinema's great not-quite-romances."
-Chuck Bowen, Slant

"Nathan Silver, an Iconoclast Who Probes Group Dynamics, Is Back at Tribeca" Interview with Nathan Silver
-Mark Asch, The Village Voice

“My favorite of the movies I saw. In other words, it’s the kind of legitimately offbeat artwork that fits Tribeca precisely because it shouldn’t.”
-Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club


April 18th - 29th
Tribeca Film Festival
New York, NY
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May 2nd to 6th
Maryland Film Festival
Baltimore, MD 
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August 23rdth - 26th
Sidewalk Film Festival
Burmingham, AL
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October 11th - October 15th
New Hampshire Film Festival
Portsmouth, NH
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October 23rd - 28th
American Film Festival
Wroclaw, Poland
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October 31st - November 11th
Denver Film Festival
Denver, CO
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November 7th - 11th
Cucalorus  Film Festival
Wilmington, NC 
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November 8th -15th
AFI Film Festival
Los Angeles, CA 
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November 17th -25th
Gijon International Film Festival
Gigon, Spain
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November 8th - 15th
American Fringe
Paris, France
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December 6th-12th
Anthology Film Archives
New York, NY
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December 14th-20th
Facets Cinematheque
Chicago, IL
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January 3rd - 9th
Parkway Theatre
Baltimore, MD 
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