Catalog No.: FTF-202 | 
Out Digitally: October 24th, 2017 | 
Director: Benjamin Dickinson | 
Length: 90 Minutes
 | Year: 2012


 Digital: October 24th, 2017

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During a winter of record-breaking cold, a blackout of apocalyptic proportions strands a group of Brooklynites in a remote country farmhouse. At first, it’s a party: drugs, sex, and yoga. Alpha male yoga instructor, PAUL is involved with JEN and SAM who compete for his attention to the dismay of frustrated, drug addict MATT. But as the days go on and the food supply dwindles, the group begin to turn against one another and are forced into a confrontation with their mortality. MARIE, who also has a history with PAUL, arrives at the house seeking shelter but finds her strength and leadership in demand as the group unravels and the need for survival kicks in.

Written/Directed by Benjamin Dickinson
Produced by Mark De Pace, Zachary Mortensen, Lindsay Burdge, Benjamin Dickinson
Cinematography by Adam Newport-Berra

CAST: Paul Manza, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Kim, Samantha Jacober, Matthew Chastain, Kate Lyn Sheil, Jaffe Zinn, Haruka Hashimoto and Benjamin Dickinson.

Festivals: Tribeca Film Festival, Traverse City Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Little Rock Film Festival and more...


“Visually Stunning...A stark metaphysical parable that contemplates the superficiality and fragility of modern civilization...It haunted me the first time I saw it and even more so the second time.”  
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Aspires to something visionary. A Tarkovsky-themed meditation whose ambiguities linger."
- Steve Dollar, GreenCine Daily

"Precocious, ferocious and self-assured. A radiant debut by writer-helmer Benjamin Dickinson."
-John Anderson, Variety